What We Do:

Dau Products has been in business since 1992 and is Northern California’s trusted supplier for commercial swimming pool equipment & chemicals. We sell a wide selection of products ready for delivery, saving you time and money as we work with you to keep your pool up and running.

At Dau Products, we show a certain loyalty and commitment to all our customers as we partner with them to solve the unforeseen problems that seem to always arise with maintaining these big bodies of water. We have many resources including my own personal experience working on maintenance on different pumps, filters, heaters, controllers etc. We value your business so much that we offer free technical support to all our customers.

We buy equipment, parts and chemicals from a multitude of local wholesale, and out-of-state distributors in order to get you the part or equipment necessary, despite its rarity on the market.  You can feel at ease by letting us do the leg work while you focus on maintaining your beautiful pool.

Where We Started:

Dau Products opened its doors in July of 1992 with the goal of providing better service and a strong working relationship with all maintenance personnel. I understand very well what it is like to be in the trenches responsible for keeping the equipment running and the water balanced in these humongous bodies of water because that is where I started.

Prior to 1992 I worked at two facilities as director of maintenance starting with Peninsula Covenant Church Community Center in Redwood City and finishing at Alpine Hills Tennis & Swimming Club in Portola Valley. The suppliers that worked with me at the time  had difficulty answering questions when problems arose with their equiptment. They were more interested in selling me a new product, than helping me use the one I had.

This inspired me to go into business for myself and focus my efforts on selling experience and not products. I strive to help everyone understand and use their products, and to provide a quality service to all of my customers.